Roof Chimney Cleaning Services

Roof Chimney Cleaning Services

A roof chimney has primarily two main functions: to draw in air for stoves and to drive out the smoke from any combustion that is taking place inside your home. Without a chimney, the obnoxious smoke produced will eventually develop diseases.

Whether you want your chimney to be cleaned thoroughly or to replace the leadwork, you can count on us. We provide one of the most efficient.
Cleaning a chimney can be challenging because reaching the inside of the chimney is the tricky part. Unfortunately, that’s the part which actually requires the cleaning. However, cleaning the chimney from the outside is just for aesthetical purposes.

MC Roofing has the right equipment to do so. We’ll make your chimney a brand new one. The best part is that we won’t empty your pockets, unlike other companies. Our customers are our number one priority. By reducing our profits, we keep on providing you with the best services without getting out of the business.

Maintaining a chimney isn’t just limited to cleaning it; you should replace the leadwork frequently. Scaffolding isn’t necessary when replacing the leadwork. It is only needed when the work area is extremely tricky.

Before getting the leadwork replaced, we recommend getting a thorough inspection of your roof. Sometimes, a few of the surrounding tiles will need to be replaced.

Whether your leadwork has step cover flashing, a lead apron or a lead box attached to the company or a combination of these, we can get it replaced. The complexity of the leadwork replacement depends on many factors such as the area encompassed, the type and pattern of the leadwork and ease of installation.

So if you are looking to get your leadwork replaced, then MC Roofing is the place to go. We provide one of the best chimney leadwork services in Nottingham. You can contact us through our website to get a free quote.

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